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    Heather-Calhoun posted in the group Sex & Relationships

    1 year, 8 months ago · updated 1 year, 3 months ago

    I live in an area that is very bad for drugs. That being said, as someone with a chronic condition I’m not even comfortable taking pain medication because I feel like it makes me a target. Does anyone else run into this problem when dating? I won’t even take gabapentin because apparently it has a high street value

    • That’s definitely something to keep in mind… It’s awful that this is even something that has to be considered when we take these kinds of medications. My father, who lived with chronic pain alongside his disabilities, always told me about how he never discussed his medications with people after catching theft in the act, time and time again. I know he was VERY discrete with his medications, picking them up alongside a small batch of groceries so he was never walking with a pharmacy bag and found very creative places to stash his medications for when people were coming over. I hope some of this helps– if you need any assistance with brainstorming, let me know! I am good at coming up with hiding places. 😊

    • I’m not sacrificing my comfort for fears. I have taken them for over 13 years at this moment. I was born and raised in an area, where YES, you may be a target in the parking lot etc. They do sit and watch, lurk behind you in line to hear what you are picking up etc. Pharmacies in those areas typically will have a guard go to your car with you etc. Turn to ways to protect yourself. Carry. Stun gun. etc I have a Vipertek stun gun that has 300,000,000 volts.(illegal in most states) -would ground an elephant! Carried a .45..I also keep leather sewing needles along the headliner of my vehicle. Carry a pu’rty purple knife that cuts paper easily..Either way, try funny stuff, you will get free piercings at the very least from me. I was a single mother and I am a survivor of horrid domestic violence and will never again, not go down without a fight. If you have to, train in some self defense classes, keep a baseball bat in your car-next to the seat etc. -get those leather sewing needles- be aware of your surroundings. I never did understand the street value of Gabapentin-for me and everyone I’ve talked to, it’s less effective than Tylenol. IMO you’re not missing anything. You are more of a target walking around distracted mentally by intense pain than you would be, feeling a bit better, more alert and medicated. Look into your local laws on legality of armament and damn, get your life as close to pain free as you can!



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