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    2 years ago · updated 2 years ago

    Anyone else have a problem with thier spine popping? Mine started doing it a few months ago and now it’s a regular thing and it hurts!!

    • I did have pain few months ago, it really hurt I’m not doing heavy lifting or anything, so I was wondering where that came from, actually I found that my bed Mattress was not good, I change it and that problem in the lower back gone gradually, I also have a problem when I’m sitting in front of the computer for long time the part under the neck hurts

      • @rida I wish that was my problem, however I have a new mattress.

        • @Melissa-reeves-Collins i got this from CVS Pharmacy Tiger Balm Red Ointment for Muscalar Aches and Paints Herbal Rub Headache Pain Relief, I apply it on my back at night, and it helps a lot it’s different from Bengay, the only thing I didn’t like its smell I think because it’s made from spices, but the smell will go away after taking a shower

    • I’ve had this in the past, but it was more like cracking your knuckles, just air escaping from within the joints. There wouldn’t really be pain associated with this, at least after the initial pop. Does your back feel any less stable?

    • That sounds painful! Were you doing something new when it started, or did this come out of the blue?



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