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    Suzzee33 posted in the group Chronic Pain

    1 year, 8 months ago · updated 1 year, 8 months ago

    Well turns out I don’t have my IC again. We have a hospital that sux here I was telling them I couldn’t pee that I had to bare down and go every 30 minutes so not much sleep for me
    Went to the ER the Dr was rude and said they gave you antibiotics twice…I was like yeah but there not working. He told me to go home and take napoxsen . I was in tears. Then 2 days later I woke up with a pain that was horrible. I finally gave in 3 day’s later and got a good DR because by then I had a bruse over my kidney on my right flank. The Dr told me if you couldn’t pee they should of done a ultrasound on you..
    .ya well….I finally did start finally peeing well at home..well I started passing the stones…found a few in my urine and DR said there must of been a pretty big one in there to leave that bruse on your right flank but now the pain is from a strained muscle on the outside on your kidney. Went to the hospital and the Dr was very rude and told me to go home and take napoxsen…no urine, blood work…nothing and there release form tells you several times to come back if it’s worse….what a joke for a hospital .I never even ask for pain meds I always prefer toradol…none narcotic and works for hours…thank you to all who replied to my IC post so glad I don’t have that monster again





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