William Slover asked 1 year ago

How is everyone coping this allergy season?
Bonus helpful guide I found:

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eclecticzebra answered 1 year ago

Pretty good for me, minus the ludicrous food allergies gah!, the Little has been having a rough time of it. We use a neti type device but it’s the one that looks like a turkey baster (easier, more control over the flow and it creates a seal) 

EmilyXLC answered 1 year ago

It could be better, but I am feeling a bit better now that I took my daytime allergy meds and did a quick saline rinse!

HAPPYBOY answered 1 year ago

As well as could be expected. I have been sparingly using the Flonase I was recently prescribed, and it seems to help some at least. 

aweber answered 1 year ago

Saw a new dose of pollen on the cars today!  Took no chances and went right back on Zyrtec, with the Nasacort on the shelf if it gets bad.

EmilyXLC answered 1 year ago

+1 on the new dose of pollen!  It is out and it is READY.  I’m really considering masking up even when taking my walks at this point because my poor nose and throat can’t take much more of this lol

blondey answered 12 months ago

I had 4 years of allergy shots in my early teens. This spring has been the worst I have had since then. Zytrec and Padaday X-tra strength eye drops (used to be prescription Pazeo) & my inhaler make it bearable. Remember not to hang clothes outside to dry until pollen levels drop-or be sure to put in dryer on high for 10 mins or so to clear pollen off everything. Eyedrops kept in the fridge feel awesome on inflamed, red eyes. Good luck.

aweber replied 12 months ago

Hi Blondy, Great advice. Does refrigerating the eyedrops help take some of the initial sting out of the first few seconds after taking the drops? That’d be awesome.

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