miriama59 asked 2 years ago

I am wondering if there will be updates to the avatars like hair colors, etc. I have fuchsia. And purple, etc. would be fun to see since I change often. And other areas, etc.

5 Answers
William Slover answered 2 years ago

Great idea! Will see what we can do!

Actually, you can already make it any color you want. The round button (Last option) allows you to pick any color.

miriama59 replied 2 years ago

How did I miss that???

tborgesWork answered 1 year ago

You can change hair colors, etc. I did yesterday.

miriama59 answered 1 year ago

I got messages that there were answers to this question, but I don’t see them. ?

tborgesWork replied 1 year ago

Hey, I can see the answers now.

tborgesWork answered 1 year ago

They are fixing the website I guess, I noticed the pacman and avatar is working now. Yeah, I don’t see the answers here either.

haroldhenson answered 8 months ago

Check if you are viewing the same thread/post where the answers were posted. Make sure you are in the right location. drift hunters