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William Slover asked 2 years ago

If you could go back and tell your 18 year old self one thing, what would it be?

5 Answers
Lily Stacy answered 2 years ago

spend more time with your family

AngelaInPain replied 2 years ago

Learn about lymphatic system and how important it is to our health

AngelaInPain replied 2 years ago

Oops! Put this in the wrong spot. Brain fog today. Yes more time with family is a great answer.?

kwiattwins answered 2 years ago

I would tell myself to listen to your inner voice and do and follow the things I love to do.  Try very hard to be fearless and realize that the most successful people on this planet failed more than once and learned very valuable lessons from failure to succeed in their desired goal. Judge no one because that person can be you someday.  Love everyone but pray for those who you know are angry inside.  Everyone is a child at heart they just might look older and wiser because we all age.  Never believe anyone who puts you down for any reason because it is usually out of jealousy so move on the sooner the better.  Make an all-out effort to find positive friends at a young age, especially those that make you laugh because they will carry you throughout your life and they will be extra special because they are not a relative.  Above all, the greatest gift you can give is life and a sibling or siblings to go with that first child.  Family is so important especially as you age and I believe everyone has learned or figured out how true this has been during the Covid epidemic. Finally, your health is your wealth, all the money in the world can’t fix certain medical issues so take good care of that vehicle you are in with nourishment, learning and physical closeness.

eclecticzebra answered 2 years ago

I would tell myself to not go beyond needed with physical tasks! I am tall and thin, always underestimated, and always barrel through what I must, hurting myself long term (I see now) mostly for the sake of others. I still do it and really need to knock it off! lol Empath woes. 

christymurray answered 2 years ago

Be true to yourself. Don’t forget about you. Only you can take care of and do what’s best for you and your needs. Don’t put everyone and everything else first.

eclecticzebra replied 2 years ago

Truth! Self care is something I am still learning to do honestly.

christymurray replied 2 years ago

Good luck. I can talk the talk but am still learning the walk. Lol

tina answered 2 years ago

Be patience with yourself and others. Enjoy the moment and not rush it….smell the flowers!