How do you celebrate Easter?

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William Slover asked 2 years ago

When I was a kid growing up in our New Jersey shore town, we always dressed up and went to the Boardwalk (Amusement Park) on Easter.
If you celebrate Easter, how did you celebrate as a child and how do you celebrate now?

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marilynn answered 2 years ago

As a child we went to church in new Easter clothes and shoes along with a hat and a little hat. When we came home we would have my extended family over for a big dinner. We received a Easter basket.
Now we have my children over with their children over. I do an Easter egg hunt for them even though they are all adults. They all have a lot of fun doing it and competing with each other.  They are starting families of their own now and I said something about the hunt would go to the children and my children said we would have to do two lol