What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Community Q&ACategory: Members GeneralWhat are your plans for Thanksgiving?
William Slover asked 2 years ago
  • Heading to somewhere else?
  • Special Family meals / traditions?


3 Answers
EmilyXLC answered 2 years ago

Honestly, not too sure yet– guess I need to get that figured out soon, huh?  

HAPPYBOY answered 2 years ago

Going to my sister’s to celebrate with some family, and then our own Thanksgiving celebration here at home. 🙂 

EmilyXLC replied 2 years ago

A double dose of family, I love it!

eclecticzebra answered 2 years ago

Both- sis in laws then our own gig at home Friday- gotta’ have lots of turkey (about all I can eat) LOL 
How about you? 

William Slover replied 2 years ago

I am looking forward to Turkey then all of the leftover turkey meals 🙂