What foods do you stay away from due to your condition?

Community Q&ACategory: Members GeneralWhat foods do you stay away from due to your condition?
William Slover asked 2 years ago

I have a bad sweet tooth, love my snacks! But, certain foods I know not to touch.
What is on your “Don’t eat That” list?

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tina answered 2 years ago

A long list….lol..where shall I start? Lol. Nothing that is not natural grown is the stay away list but once in a while I would take a bite of the forbidden too. We are human after all! Gratification for a second then consequences ? I’m very close going to a liquid diet unfortunately due to condition. ☹️

Megan answered 2 years ago

Raw vegetables, nuts, corn, popcorn, steak- anything hard to digest for the most part. 

Allysen-Hunt answered 2 years ago

I have IBS and two of my triggers are leafy greens and caffeine…but I love salads and coffee! I limit myself salad to once a week and just one cup of coffee a day. Other things are easier to stay away from like wheat bran, fried food, beans, etc. 

PollyPocket1987 answered 2 years ago

I just learned that having anxiety causes increased stomach acid! Primary care doctor was the first to tell me this and no psychology book ever has! Anyways I have to take Prilosec 40mg once a day or just breathing is an acid chest fireball. I avoid acidic foods like tomatoes, oranges, lemons and limes(all the yummy stuff) and greasy foods as well. I will however suffer for chocolate and my iced coffee(anti anxiety medicine makes me so sleepy! It’s the only caffeine I can handle and B vitamins are way too much for my system that seems to love being locked in fight or flight mode) 

evawillms answered 6 months ago

Foods that are heavily processed and often high in added sugars, unhealthy fats, and artificial additives may be best to limit or avoid.Drinks that are high in added sugars, such as soda, fruit juices, and sweetened beverages, can contribute to excessive calorie intake and may have negative effects on health when consumed in large amounts. Run 3