What is your best non-opioid pain relief recommendation?

Community Q&ACategory: Members GeneralWhat is your best non-opioid pain relief recommendation?
William Slover asked 2 years ago

Lets talk about natural remedies.

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eclecticzebra answered 2 years ago

SalonPas pain patches work for milder pain! 

catlady6920 replied 2 years ago

I’ve used Salonpas pain patches for years along with Aspercreme and Tylenol Arthritis. Not all at the same time! I’ve been on NSAIDS for years and recently had treatment for ulcer so now am thinking I’ll probably need to stop them and look for alternatives.

eclecticzebra answered 2 years ago

Tonic water, the quinine is the secret. What’s interesting is I have seen some chatter about it aiding in the prevention of Covid. One never knows. 

tina answered 2 years ago

Acupuncture is best for me. Heating pad/blanket and ten unit. Also bio freeze is great too.

bass answered 2 years ago

 Well, I suppose seeing I have had my problems for a fair while there are a couple of things that I use quite often when I wake up after I have had about 1 Hrs. sleep. I start with the Tens machine it is worth about $100.00 and my Endura Powder is about $39.00 for 500grams but it does last.  The drink is used for people that have done a lot of exercises, have the measure in a glass of water and then go for a small walk.  It is usually about an hour or so after I go to bed that the pain wakes me up and I tell you some nights I use everything at my disposal. My feet usually ache and I have to put sox on them tight-fitting or my stockings surgical.  The mixture of Calcium and Magnesium seems to soothe it a fair bit.  I read, heard or was told by a doctor somewhere that Fibromyalgia removes this out of our system as the day progresses in fairly large quantities Please don’t quote me. When I take it and the Panamax or Panadol after about 30mins it seems to relax me after I go for a walk up and down the street. I have tried Panadol Osteo, it is about three times as much panadol but that only gives me pains in the stomach. Also, use the tens machine it puts electrical impulses through pads and you can put it as high as you like, or the Revitive foot machine. Hot packs work sometimes. Sometimes at night I just sit and cry as it is the only thing to do. As I have said to my mate who lives next door, if I had a gun I would shoot myself. But I don’t think I could. I don’t think that a lot of people know what Fibromyalgia feels like you touch any part of your body and it hurts, can be up to twenty points that hurt the most.  But I feel it affects everybody differently. Try as much as you can as whatever works for you.  Also just a small thing, my doctor put me on a tablet called Sifrol for restless legs and Alzheimer’s and it stops me from having to move my legs as much. Good Luck