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  • alison-campbell
  • Love this support pet photo contest! How many folks use their pets on airplanes for support during flight?

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    • Oh my boys (dogs) would have gone down the aisle begging for snacks from everyone on a plane -that would have never worked for me LOL I look forward to some other answers here 🙂 Maybe some emotional support snakes on a plane? ((giggle))

      • @eclecticzebra Ditto! My little girl would be the hit of the plane – but maybe not with the staff! Does anybody else have an “active” dog that wouldn’t work on a plane? Or maybe in a busy place?

    • It’s honestly my dream to have a service dog– one that could detect migraines would be a lifesaver, but honestly just something to help with my anxiety and the emotional side of things would be wonderful.

      • @emilyxlc I just read some articles on Southeastern Guide Dogs near Bradenton, FL and what the highly trained dogs they provide can do for the blind, anxiety, epilepsy, etc.


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