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    • I must sound like a drama king. Last night was one of the worst nights I have ever had. I went to bed at about 1130 pm but the reason was that I could not go to sleep as I had a sleep in the afternoon. I started the drop in my medician on Tuesday Morning and Tuesday night the drop in barametric pressure and lack of pain meds I was walkim

      • No drama, everyone understands what you are going through 😞 The weening can be very difficult, I’m so sorry. The first 4 days any time I was trying less pain medication ( to ‘check’ my actual, unmasked pain level) were always the worst. The pain seems to get worse until your body acclamates to the new level. I hope you are over the hump and everything is leveling out for you. Stay strong-you’ve got this! 🤩

        • My pain was more than 4 days. I tried to have a sleep during the day so I could catch up and not go out of my mind. Gee!talking to you this way makes me fell more like a druggie. It seems like I gave up too quick. My mind and my body could not hack it any more. But I am feeling a lot better still some pain. But is getting a lot better.



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