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    blondey posted in the group Covid-19

    1 year, 11 months ago · updated 1 year, 11 months ago

    Lost my Mom in Law, Jan. 2021. They let my hubby and I go see her-he had to give the OK to reinstate her DNR-she had to “sign off” her dnr for Covid treatment. The entire ICU was full with Covid patients except 1 man and he was a diabetic with partial foot amputation. His room was sealed off big time, and we were dressed like human condoms. We planned on going back the next day with any of his siblings that could get here and “pull the plug” but she passed early that morning. Reinstating her DNR was hard, but I thank her so much for not having to make him stop her vent and support. She caught Covid from a 93 yr old woman she helped, she found her collapsed on her apt floor and she died the next day. This woman’s grandson said **** masks at Christmas and because of that-2 great women died. Seeing it that close was eye opening, and I have been a “medical patient” constantly for over 35 years. Take care everyone. 💜

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