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    2 years ago · updated 2 years ago

    Hi I jusr posted a message this am This is my first time using my account with yourselves I am posting a picture!

    • Hello Maragaret-Leathem and welcome to the Community.

      • @aweber Thanks so much for your reply I was feeling as though i was in outer space lol I keep replying on the wrong page on this site to a ‘non live’ person so good to know my message shows up somewhere Can u tell me how i join a live chat room as such or is there not on in this group? I am trying to find a group where members can chat and interact re their common ‘friend’ ie chronic pain” I am Irish and live in Co Down N Ireland Thank you for reaching out!!!

        • @margaret-leathem Hello Margaret-Leathem and welcome from across the pond! While there is not a live chat function on the site (yet!), I have found that when I am going back and forth with someone, it is almost the same thing. The replies are posted so quickly, it’s like an email conversation. I know it’s not the same thing, as people will sign off and it can be a day or two to get the next reply (as is the case with my reply here!). But when the conversation is going, it seems to last a while, at least for me.

          • @aweber is right! Your posts won’t go long without a response here, regardless of how you post them– we are a fairly active community. 🙂

    • Hi @Margaret-Leathem! So excited to have you here– welcome. 😊

      • @emilyxlc Hi Emily I was begining to think i was typing to myself here lol It seems i have found the ‘connect’ button””” Is this the place on this site that we communicate with each other or is there a common chat room where lots of folk talk to each other? I am happy to use either this private mess thingy or a big fgroup but finding this site a bit different to others i have been in and have not fully ‘got the hang of it yet\\’ Thanks so much for replying I am from Ireland

        • @margaret-leathem Wow wow wow, Ireland! Im from the US. You can post here on the wall like we are doing now, down in the chat room (bottom right corner) or within the groups which are on the left side of your screen (Chronic Pain, Pain Management, Mental Health, Invisible Illness, etc.). 😁



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