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  • bfygirl22
  • Hi! I’m looking for suggestions about finding a good pain management doctor-my trusted and amazing doctor abruptly left the practice and is not settled into a new practice and I have no desire to continue treatment with the other doctor at the practice. I don’t really know what I should be looking for in a new doctor/practice and kind of feel…Read More

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    • I didn’t have much luck with pain management. I have a pain psychologist that is helping me resolve trauma, which helps the pain be tolerable. My GP is basically my case manager that handles all of my medication. I also had a Physiatrist that had a lot of good suggestions. He’s the one who recommended the pain psychologist.

    • It depends what you were receiving from your Pain Management Doctor and where you are located. if you received epidurals and other pain management injections and live in Fort Lauderdale or it’s surroundings I could suggest an excellent doctor.

    • could you maybe ask him to refer you to another doctor whom he trusts?

    • You want a doctor the supports a multidisciplinary approach.

      Even better if his or her practice is staffed as such. My pain specialist provides chiropractic, psychological counseling, PT, neuromodulation and more. Chronic pain is complex and generally requires more than medications and needle sticks. If you live in a rural area you may have to…Read More



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