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Ask a Nursing Student
Ask a Nursing Student

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe during the holiday season!

Zachary Pottle is once again asking for your help on another article he has been working on (surprise surprise right?)

He says he has had so much fun on the last two articles that you’ve helped him on, he figured what better way to ring in the New Year than by writing a third?

Pain Resource has been fortunate enough to have a nursing student agree to answer any and all questions you may have. These can be anything from general questions about your pain to asking about new or alternative treatments for an existing condition. Once we’ve passed the questions along to the nursing student, Zach would love to write an article about your frequently asked questions!

We’ll leave this post pinned at the top of the news feed, so feel free to comment your questions here!

Thank you all again, and Happy Holidays!

By William Slover

Bill hosts for Pain Resource's Athlete Pain Management series where he talked with professional athletes about past sports injuries and how they affect their current day to day.


  1. I received a accupressure pillow and Matt for Christmas from my husband, to help with blood flow for my fibromyalgia and back pain. On the instructions it suggests to stay on it for 15 mins. I usually fall asleep on it for 3 hours, because I have narcolepsy. My question is since I go over the time limit and it seems to help with the back pain, should I continue to go over the time they suggest?

  2. I love action movies but I seem to experience more pain after watching them. Like my muscles tense up while I’m watching. With being diagnosed fibromyalgia, is this what could be the link they are referring to mental pain becoming physical?

  3. My pain doctor recommended that I try stem cell treatment for my low back pain but even though I have a great insurance medical policy plan, this is presently a non-covered treatment in the United States. A one-time treatment would cost me $6,000 out of pocket and it would normally require 3 treatment session to resolve so the patient no longer has constant pain. This has proven to be a very effective treatment method in Europe and several other countries. Do you know if stem cell therapy will be approved in the near future for the United States? Why or why not? Thanks, Zachary

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